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Sports are more than winning and losing. 


The Western Mustangs won the regional championship. They are now four wins away from a national title and one of the favorites to get it done. Needless to say, I am very proud to go to the same school as them! They are awesome!

What the….

Ok, so me and my friend are sitting in the parking lot just chillin’ listening to music. An on duty security guard came up to us, just doing his job, to see what we were doing. We weren’t drinking or partaking in anything ilicit or illegal. He said that some people drove by and saw us.

Ok…WHAT?!?! Who rats??? Why would it ever cross the mind of a fellow student to tattle on other students. We didn’t do anything that would warrent suspision we were just sitting, talking about football and listening to Eric Church (which is a great guy to chill and listen to..I recommend “Springsteen”). I cannot believe that happened. Sorely disappointed in who ever did that. I thought stuends had each other’s backs.

Who ever told on us to security is lame. Period.

Feeling a bit patriotic…check this out from the Iwoa/Northwestern game this past weekend.

The University of Ohio Marching band with their rendition of the LMFAO song, ‘Party Rock Anthem’.

Gotta love when something simple is turned into something new and exciting. Also, live music is awesome.